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DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round: Core Fighters

In my opinion, this part has taken as big a step forward as part 2 did in its time in comparison to part 1. After the “stagnation” with the controversial 3 and 4 parts, it is literally a breath of fresh air.

In DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round: Core Fighters, which has been awaited for several years, the entire fighting system has been greatly changed, added many characters and storyline. DOA 5 is the forebear of the modern fighting game from the Japanese developer studio. The characters in the game also hunt the evil clown Kasumi, and do not allow themselves to destroy the inner brotherhood, but can they?

Inside the game platform, the characters, Kasumi and Elena, decide to set up a new tournament to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the tower explosion. They set out in search of Alpha-152. But soon after Elena brought Hayate to the common house, Kasumi decided that she would go in search of 152 on her own, but Elena didn’t approve and set up a stakeout for the protagonist. The whole game is going to be nothing but fighting against each other. The plot of DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round: Core Fighters contains a lot of controversial relationship scenes between Kasumi and Elena. For example, after the former arrives in New York, she goes to consult Lisa Hamilton about Alpha-152. Not getting an answer, she loses and then loses her clone. Additional questions for Helena lead to another fight, and so the whole plot.

Dead or Live

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is one of the best fighting games you can install on PC. Among its advantages are an improved balance compared to the prequels, quality graphics and animation, as well as refined mechanics, with an increased number of holds for each fighter. You can fight as with the AI, as well as with other players, using the Internet connection or for a single PC. For those who are not familiar with past episodes, a training system is available to introduce the newcomer to the basics of control and more advanced features. Unusual anime-style setting is a signature “chip” of the series, and fits perfectly into the format of brutal and dynamic battles that involve both men and women. The latter, by the way, wear very provocative uniforms.

There are more than 30 fighters with a unique set of tricks and punches. Learning the game mechanics is in a matter of minutes, and to become a true master will take many hours. The new part contains new characters and is the final addition to the official part. Also the developers added a lot of costumes for the players, but most of them cost real money. However, the developers should be praised for the elaborate combat system, which is initially available to both fighting game masters and beginners. The balance is maintained throughout the story. And, beloved, the girls are drawn in the best way.

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